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Galves Year

Galves Year

Price: $279.00 

Quantity: One Year Subscription

A Yearly Subscription to offers:

: All subscriptions to our site give you current trade-in values on the last 12 model years of vehicles- 2014-2003.



See only the equipment items that apply specifically to the vehicle you are looking at. You'll be able to easily see what is and what isn't included in our base price and avoid costly mistakes!

Galves Values Online-Specific Adds & Deducts for used car pricing..

ENHANCED MILEAGE ADJUSTMENTS- We’ve taken our method of adjusting for mileage from our printed book and made it even better. Our online product now allows us to factor in such things as a vehicle's mileage sensitivity, seasonal influences and current market trends. You simply enter the mileage as it appears on the vehicle and we do the rest! We’ve been told that our mileage adjustments are the only ones in the industry that reflect the “actual” market.

Historical Values- See the Galves base value of any vehicle for the past 5+ years.

Back Issues- Access back issues from as far back as 2003 of our printed books (in pdf format)
Fast access to Carfax Vehicle History Reports- If you have a Carfax account, you can enter a VIN on and not only see the Galves value, but you can also purchase and view the Carfax Vehicle History Report with the click of the mouse.  

ONLINE NEWSLETTER & MARKET CONDITIONS- The experts at Galves share with you the latest ideas regarding a variety of industry related topics and allow you to keep up with changing wholesale market.

FREE CALL-IN PRICING SUPPORT- Galves is the only guide that offers FREE call-in pricing support. When confronted with a difficult to appraise vehicle or a vehicle with insufficient pricing history, call one of our professional support specialists here at Galves for personal pricing help.

Why not take advantage of all has to offer!