We Better Be Right!

Most of our customers are dealers who use our "book" to buy, sell, and trade cars. They may spend tens of thousands of dollars daily in the process. This creates a very high level of accountability for Galves. The bottom line? If our values are not realistic, accurate, and timely dealers lose money or potential customers and we stand to lose subscribers. They need and demand a price guide they can depend on to buy and sell vehicles with confidence. That's why thousands of dealers use us everyday and our subscriber base has continued to grow throughout our 50+ years. We better be right!

Consumers, on the other hand, typically buy a single vehicle every few years for personal use, not resale. Since buying a vehicle is a relatively rare experience for them, they understandably lack the level of expertise you would expect from a dealer. If they pay too little or too much, or trade it for too little or too much, they rarely know it. Smart consumers seek "expert" advice, often turning to the Internet where they often find significantly different values for the same vehicle. So who is the "expert" and where should you place your trust?

Doesn't it make sense to use the same values as the professionals in the business? Galves has a 50+ year history of providing values that work for both dealers and consumers. So whether you're a consumer buying, selling, or trading a single car or a dealer handling hundreds of cars, you can place your trust in the Galves values.

As always, our values are backed by the Galves Money Back Guarantee. Find out for yourself just how "right" we are!

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