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We get a great deal of positive feedback from dealers who use this site. They appreciate having a site that offers accurate and current information-not misinformation, regarding used vehicle pricing. We've heard countless stories of consumers coming into dealerships with a preconceived notion - usually unrealistic - of what their trade-in is worth based on one of the "free" Internet sites they may have visited. This only serves to get negotiations off on the wrong foot and the dealer must overcome consumer mistrust. Dealers welcome a "Professional Site" that educates consumers with useful information AND offers trade-in values that are realistic for both dealers and consumers.

In addition to the Galves values, our site offers these additional advantages:


Appraisal Reports

Many dealers print out the Galves appraisal reports from the website and share them with their customers. They can also save these reports for their customer files and keep them for future reference. They are also useful if there is a significant time lapse between the order for a new vehicle and its delivery. The printed reports offer a great way to bring increased accountability to the appraisal process. Dealers also take advantage of the more specific Detailed Appraisal Report as a check list to remind them to look for more obscure but costly flaws a vehicle might have, such as cracked glass, gouged alloy wheels, weak tires, or non-functioning equipment.


Specific “Add's & Deduct's”

Some dealers really like the fact that when pricing a vehicle, only the specific "Add's & Deduct's" that apply to that vehicle appear on screen. You can't add for leather or a moon roof if it is already included in the pricing. We've all made some pretty expensive mistakes "Adding" for items that are already included in the pricing. doesn't allow you to do that.


More Accurate Mileage Adjustments

We pride ourselves in having the most realistic mileage adjustments in the guidebook industry. But there are certain things we know about how mileage affects a vehicle's value that are just too complex to do in a book format. For instance, we know that as mileage gets extreme, the deduction per thousand diminishes. In January 2011 we priced a 2009 Infiniti G37 Coupe at $23,100 with 27,000 miles. If it had 47,000 miles, our book would deduct $175/thousand miles or $3500 ($175x20) for an adjusted price of $19,600, a realistic number for a 47,000 mile 2009 G37. For the first 20,000 miles, our web adjustment is very similar to the book. But after 20,000 miles, as excess mileage begins to get what we call "extreme", we begin to diminish the per-thousand adjustment to reflect the reality of the market.

So if this '09 G37 had 87,000 miles, or 60,000 miles more than our book prices the car with, using the book calculation of $175/thousand, the vehicle would have a value $10,500 less ($175x60) than the book price of $23,100, or $12,600, clearly a value that is too low for such a vehicle. With the web, however, we can automatically adjust our per-thousand deduct to better reflect the actual market for such a vehicle. Priced on, that vehicle with 87,000 would have a mileage deduction of $8000, for an adjusted value of $15,100, a much better reflection of the actual market for that vehicle. Dealers who use tell us they have really come to trust the sites enhanced ability to value higher mileage vehicles.

Free Pricing Support

As with all of our products, free pricing support is only a phone call away. When faced with a difficult to appraise vehicle or one that is not priced in our guides, many dealers have learned to call us for help. We are usually able to help them immediately, but if we can't, we can turn to our consultants or many contacts in the industry to get the accurate information necessary to help our subscribers. Dealers have told us that they have paid for their subscriptions many times over through the deals they have made, or sometimes haven't made, with the help of our call-in support. is a wonderful complement to our books, and the dealers who use it as such absolutely love it. And at less than $20/month for full book subscribers, it’s also a great deal!

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