How Are Used Car Values Determined?

This is one of the most valid and frequently asked questions we receive. Before placing your trust in any value it obviously makes sense to understand exactly how the value is determined. We like to respond by saying that all Galves values are based on 1) input we receive from our experienced consultants, 2) analysis of current auction data by our in-house staff, 3) constant feedback we receive from dealers doing business literally outside our front door (see: Location, Location, Location), and 4) our 50+ years of experience evaluating and analyzing historical/seasonal trends. Dan Galves, one of the original founders sons, carries on the Galves tradition of providing the most current and accurate trade-in values in an otherwise "corporate" guidebook industry dominated by "non-automotive" personnel.

We are fortunate to be located within the heart of the nation's largest wholesale automobile complex and to have access to some of the most knowledgeable dealers in the business. Some of these dealers work for Galves as consultants and others simply lend us their "two cents" when they see fit. The useful information these consultants and dealers provide quickly gets "added to the mix" of what ultimately becomes the most timely and accurate used vehicle pricing information available. Our in-house staff and consultants also factor in the most recent auction data available and, unlike other guides, analyzes it in terms of both sold AND unsold units.

The one point we like to stress is that a Galves value is NOT a mere "statistic" or "market average." It is NOT derived from some mathematical formula projecting depreciation at a steady pace and it is NOT simply the "average price paid" at auction last week. Publishing meaningful trade-in values requires digging deeper than that. We do exactly that and offer dealers and consumers values that "make sense in the real world."

Join the thousands of dealers and consumers who constantly turn to Galves for their used vehicle pricing needs. As always, you have the assurance that comes with the Galves Money Back Guarantee.

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