Why Do Used Car Values Differ?

If you are not a dealer, shopping the Internet for trade-in values can be a confusing experience. If you look up the same vehicle on several different Internet sites, you are sure to get a broad range of values. You're likely to encounter inflated retail values, outdated wholesale values, unrealistic auction values, and trade-in values that just don't add up. How do you sort through the conflicting values and decide who to believe?

Let's face it. If you're a consumer, your livelihood does not depend on knowing the best way to determine a used car's value. As more and more consumers look to the Internet for vehicle values, they need to be aware that the most popular automotive sites on the Internet are more focused on attracting large numbers of visitors than providing them with the best information available. The values they provide become almost secondary to their advertising and marketing clout. The smartest approach would be to use the same pricing sources the dealers use. After all, a dealer's livelihood DOES depend on making good decisions regarding used car values.

The fact that you have discovered our site and have taken the time to learn more about us means you are one of those consumers who is taking a more sensible approach. You may have stumbled upon us - we are not one of the big Internet names consumers recognize - but if you need accurate and timely information on what a used vehicle is really worth, you've come to the right place. Thousands upon thousands of dealers since 1957 have recognized the value of our product as they have consistently turned to us first when buying, selling, and trading vehicles. While we do charge for our values, we're so confident that you will benefit from using our information that we offer the Galves Money Back Guarantee. You have nothing to lose, and lots to gain!

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