What Makes Galves Different?

Perhaps the most striking difference between Galves and the other automotive Internet "big boys" is that our site was created in response to dealer demand and not from a desire to capitalize on the dot.com frenzy. We are more interested in delivering the same solid information our subscribers have depended on since 1957 than in attracting huge numbers of consumers in order to sell mass advertising. We have, however, happily experienced a kind of "If you build it, they will come" phenomenon as increasing numbers of consumers visit us and discover what dealers have known for years: Galves' values work in the real world. But our focus continues to be our product and we believe that's fundamental to our success. So our obvious difference in the way we approach the Internet is not the only thing that sets us apart.

Seven Ways We are Different than the Other Guides:

1) We publish the most timely book in the Industry- no other guidebook publishes trade in values on a weekly basis and delivers them to our subscribers the quickest way possible- via First Class mail (see: How Current Are Guidebooks?)

2) We publish only two wholesale 'trade-in' values for each vehicle- providing a consistent starting point for the trade-in process (see: Why We Publish Only Trade-in Values)

3) We are the guidebook used by dealers throughout the nation (see: We Better Be Right)

4) We don't publish retail numbers (see: Why Not Retail Values)

5) We don't "give away" our values but we do offer a Full Money Back Guarantee (see: Free Values: What Are They Really Worth?)

6) We are located in the center of the largest complex of wholesale dealers in the United States. This creates unique advantages (see: Location, Location, Location)

7) We focus solely on trade-in values for cars and light duty trucks - we don't publish values on motorcycles, mobile homes, boats, personal watercraft, airplanes, etc. (see: What Makes Us Unique)

If you are a dealer or consumer in the market for trade-in values that really make sense, we invite you to try us. As always, if you are not fully satisfied, we stand behind our values and offer the Galves Money Back Guarantee. You've got nothing to lose and lots to gain.

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