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How Current Are Guidebooks?

Galves goal is to provide the best used automobile pricing information to the industry. One of the ways we achieve this goal is by being the most current guidebook available. We publish an updated guide every week. The "American & Foreign Used Cars Edition" and the "Light Duty Truck Edition" are bi-weekly publications that are published on an alternating weekly basis. From final editing to the hands of our subscribers takes less than a week, usually 5 or 6 days. We are the only guidebook in the industry that publishes weekly and mails First Class. While it is significantly more expensive, First Class mail is the quickest and most reliable way to provide the kind of service our subscribers have come to expect.

Non-dealers are often surprised to learn that we publish our guides weekly. We explain to them that market conditions change regularly resulting in weekly adjustments to our values that can sometimes be dramatic. We are more surprised that our well known competitors publish their guidebooks as seldom as once a month or once every two months. That means that their information can be anywhere from six to ten weeks old. It's not unusual for a vehicle's value to change by hundreds of dollars during that time span. If you are buying, selling, or trading a vehicle RIGHT NOW, doesn't it make sense to use the most current values available?

Join the thousands of dealers across the country who use the most up-to-date information available. If you are interested in a printed guidebook, order a single copy or an annual subscription and see why we are "The Professional's Choice". Or you can access the same current values online by ordering a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly subscription to As always, our products are backed by the Galves Money Back Guarantee…

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