Location, Location, Location

Galves Offices in 1991

One of the unique advantages that sets Galves apart from all the other pricing guides is its location within the nations largest complex of wholesale automobile dealers. Thousands of vehicles are bought and sold weekly by hundreds of dealers who come to the area to do business. The Galves offices, located within the largest building in the complex is a regular stop for many of the visiting dealers.

What makes this such a great arrangement for us is twofold. We have first-hand access to the actual sales results from the thousands of vehicles that get sold weekly. Perhaps more important is the interaction we have with the dealers within the complex. Their feedback and insights help us to constantly stay on top of the ever-changing wholesale market and respond to the subtleties involved in the business. The wholesale market can change rapidly due to rebates, manufacturers' special finance programs, large volumes of off-lease vehicles, etc. Because of our location and our close relationship with the dealer community, we usually know about these types of things before anyone else and can adjust our values accordingly.

Besides feedback on pricing, we get knowledgeable opinions on the relative values of trim levels, model variations, optional equipment values, engine variations, and mileage adjustments. These are near impossible to assess based on auction results or on percentages of new vehicle cost. Yet these are adjustments we handle particularly well and they help to separate us from the rest of the guidebooks. We know that our closeness to the industry - particularly as a result of our location in the midst of the many dealers that come and go here - is a big factor in accurately reporting on the many subtle details that go into a guidebook.

So we may not be located in an upscale office building or in some insulated business complex of our own making, but we gladly trade those comforts for the opportunity to benefit from the expertise of our many smart business contacts who frequent the complex.

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