Non-Dealer Benefits

Galves values have been the industry-standard since 1957. And for most of the past 50+ years obtaining our values required having an annual subscription to our printed book, Galves Auto Price List. But with we have been able to offer our values online not only to our long-time book subscribers, but to consumers as well. This has been a terrific benefit to the consumer who needs the most accurate and up-to-date information when buying, selling or trading a vehicle. Now you can have access to the same information as your dealer and you can be certain that you are getting the information from a well-respected, independent, industry leader.

Besides getting the same benefits the dealers get when they visit , non-dealers get a lot of valuable information that can help them make good decisions as they go about the business of trading, buying or selling a vehicle. Most of that information is found in the "Consumer Tips" section or the "Before You Buy" section. We try to provide information that is a bit unique and is geared to either helping consumers make money or save money, the kind of insider information that dealers often know but consumers don't. We charge for our pricing and our intent is to offer not only the most accurate and current pricing in the industry, but also information that will be worth many times more to the non-dealer than what we charge.

Start a weekly, or monthly subscription to today. We’re so confident that you’ll find our site helpful we offer the exclusive Galves Money Back Guarantee!

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