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Galves values should be considered current "trade-in" values of used vehicles. Our values are based on current wholesale activity and reflect what a dealer should allow for a trade-in today. The Galves values are intentionally below what vehicles will sell for at auction, in order to allow dealers to absorb expenses related to selling the vehicles. Since most trades are NOT kept for the dealer's own lot, the dealer will almost always incur some additional expenses through clean up, repair costs, and possible shipping & auction fees.

Often, dealers simply sell the vehicles they take in on trade to wholesale buyers who visit their dealership on a regular basis. This is a quick and convenient way for the dealer to dispose of a vehicle he has no interest in retailing. The important point here is that the wholesale buyer is buying for resale- either directly to another dealer or at auction- so he must also own the vehicle at a fair & accurate price. If a dealer pays above the current market for a trade, a wholesale buyer will have little interest in purchasing the vehicle.

If a dealer decides to retail a trade-in from his own lot, he will incur additional expenses through advertising, reconditioning, warrantees, sales commissions, etc. Our "trade-in" perspective takes these factors into account.

Right for Dealers...
We think our "trade-in" perspective makes the most sense for dealers. It allows them to absorb the expenses of selling vehicles either to other dealers or wholesalers or sell them at auction. They know that if a vehicle is exceptional and needs little or no reconditioning, they can pay over the suggested "book" price. They know that if they buy the vehicle at auction they can expect to pay a bit over "book".

Right for Consumers...
The "trade-in" perspective also makes the most sense for consumers because it reflects where they often find themselves in the marketplace, trading one vehicle against another. Dealers know that for them to trade consumers' vehicles successfully the pricing guide they use has to be competitive in the market. If pricing is too high they lose money, if it's too low they lose deals. This delicate balance means that consumers get treated fairly as well. Our pricing reflects that balance and is definitely the right place for consumers to come if they want to know what their vehicle is worth in the current market. And with the Galves Money Back Guarantee you have nothing to lose!

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