The Professional’s Site: An Insiders Perspective

We are fundamentally a business-to-business site intended for use by the professionals in the business: new & used car dealers, sales managers, used car managers, used car buyers, used car wholesalers, appraisers - anyone who during the course of doing business would buy, sell, or trade a used vehicle. As a professionals' site, we need to provide the most current and accurate information available in a simple format. That's what we do and have done since 1957.

Not Like The Rest
Unlike many of the other automotive sites you may have visited, we truly provide an insider's perspective. Our history, with its roots in the wholesale automotive industry, and our current location, in the midst of the nation's largest independent wholesale complex, have helped us to bring a unique and realistic perspective to the guidebook industry. Because of our closeness to the industry:

We have to be accurate- we receive a wealth of feedback from the people who use our guides to buy, sell, and trade vehicles every day.

We have immediate access to critical information that can affect current pricing-Manufacturers cutting new car prices significantly or placing heavy rebates on certain models, or large numbers of specific models flooding the market can have a significant impact on used car values and we can quickly adjust our pricing.

A Unique Perspective
Our former history as dealers gives us the advantage of viewing the market from an insider's position and helps us to understand the industry in a way few others do. This translates into a unique perspective that other guidebooks just don't deliver and can be seen in such things as the way we consider:

How equipment that might be expensive when new may have little value when used.
How large numbers of lease returns can depress a particular market.
What to expect from seasonal adjustments.
How increases or decreases in residual values can alter a vehicle's value.
How to interpret auction results in a way that reflects real market value.

Dealers benefit from our insider's perspective because of the timeliness and accuracy of our information. Consumers who use our site get the same quality of pricing information, but get the added benefit of some unique insights into the industry - insights that may help them make better decisions. Most of that information is found in the "Consumer Tips" section or the "Before You Buy" section.

So you won't find pop-up ads and large banners on our site or "filler" information that has little to do with helping consumers make good choices about buying, selling, or trading a car. We try to provide information that is a bit unique and is geared to either helping consumers make money or save money, the kind of insider information that dealers often are aware of but consumers are not. We charge for our pricing and our intent is to offer, beyond the most accurate and current pricing in the industry, information that will be worth many times more than what we charge. And of course you also have the confidence that comes with the Galves Money Back Guarantee!

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