Why Dealers Use Galves?

Dealers use Galves because having a dependable, accurate price guide is crucial to their business. Unlike the typical consumer, dealers buy or trade specifically for resale and they do it in volume. They put their money on the line every day, often several times a day, as they buy, sell, and trade vehicles. Dealers need what we like to call "industrial strength" or "professional grade numbers": accurate, current, dependable.

In contrast, consumers typically buy a vehicle every three or four years. They don't buy for resale, they buy to use the vehicle. Frankly, they have no way of knowing whether the information they are getting regarding wholesale/trade-in or retail values is accurate or not.


Galves, on the other hand, services the professionals in the business who turn to our values thousands of times a day. Their business needs demand accuracy and accountability as they spend millions of dollars based on our values. Dealers know that if our values are too low they lose trade-ins and new car sales to their competitors. On the other hand, if our values are too high they allow too much for trade-ins and lose money. Galves values consistently fall into that "narrow range" where dealers and consumers both know they are getting a "fair shake."

That's why dealers have learned to trust us over the course of our 50+ years in business. We have deep roots in the industry and are not so far removed from the actual business of buying and selling vehicles for resale. Dealers know they can depend on Galves because:
We have a trade-in perspective that works for dealers and consumers alike.
We are current: From final editing to our subscribers hands takes less than a week.
Our Adds & Deducts for optional equipment are the best in the industry: Our background in the used vehicle business and that of our consultants gives us the knowledge to know which optional equipment is important as vehicles age and what that equipment is really worth.
Our mileage adjustments are the best in the industry: Unlike other price guides we know of, over the years dealers have developed enough confidence in our mileage adjustments that they actually use them as a regular part of their appraising process.

The bottom line is, we are very strong with the professionals in the business whose livelihoods depend on our accuracy. Aren't you entitled to the best information available? As always, we are backed by the Galves Money Back Guarantee

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