Galves values have been the industry-standard since 1957. Until May of 2000, Galves values were only available by annual subscription to our printed book, Galves Auto Price List. We are happy to offer these online subscriptions:


    Daily Subscription (Immediate access for 24 hours)


    Weekly Subscription (Immediate access for 7 days)

Now $9.95

    Monthly Subscription (Immediate access for 31 days)

Now $18.95

    Annual Subscription (A full year of access- 1 license)


   Annual Subscription     Discounted Rate! 
         (for current subscribers to all three printed editions)


          Additional Licenses


             "It's great having an Internet tool like that helps us close

          deals. Galves values really work work for us and our customers."

Ken Cooper, GM, Inskip Auto Center, Rhode Island

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All subscriptions to  include the following benefits:

GALVES VALUES ONLINE: A subscription to our site gives you current trade-in values on the last 12 model years of vehicles- 2014-2003.


Our online appraisal sheet displays the final Galves value of the vehicle then allows you to enter you own adjustments above and beyond those we list. This is great for making adjustments based on cosmetic/mechanical condition. Dealers especially like the additional advantage of being able to save detailed appraisal information for future reference.

Galves Values Online: Online Appraisal Reports



See only the equipment items that apply specifically to the vehicle you are looking at. You'll be able to easily see what is and what isn't included in our base price and avoid costly mistakes.

Galves Values Online: Specific Adds & Deducts

ENHANCED MILEAGE ADJUSTMENTS -  We’ve taken our method of adjusting for mileage from our printed book and made it even better. Our online product now allows us to factor in such things as a vehicle's mileage sensitivity, seasonal influences and current market trends. You simply enter the mileage as it appears on the vehicle and we do the rest! We’ve been told that our mileage adjustments are the only ones in the industry that reflect the “actual” market.

ONLINE NEWSLETTER - The experts at Galves share with you the latest ideas regarding a variety of industry related topics.

FREE CALL-IN PRICING SUPPORT - Galves is the only guide that offers FREE call-in pricing support. When confronted with a difficult to appraise vehicle or a vehicle with insufficient pricing history, call one of our professional support specialists here at Galves for personal pricing help.

Why not take advantage of all has to offer?!!!

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