Why Thousands of Dealers Use Galves

Why do thousands of dealers across the country spend millions of dollars everyday using ONLY Galves guides?

The answer, as usual, is money. Dealers need a guide they can really depend on to be current and accurate. Values too low and they lose deals, too high and they lose money. Galves can’t afford to be wrong because dealers can’t afford to be wrong. That’s why dealers don’t use free pricing on the Internet to buy, sell, or trade cars to other dealers. They subscribe to Galves because they know our numbers are the most accurate and realistic in the industry. Galves’ entire business is focused on providing a single wholesale value that dealers use as a starting point in figuring out a car’s worth.

If you are a consumer and are about to enter into a deal involving a substantial sum of money… be a smart shopper. Use our number as a “realistic starting” point to a successful negotiation. Shouldn’t you use the same source the dealer’s use if you are buying, selling or trading your vehicle? We are so sure you will find value in this that we offer a full 100% money back guarantee if you don’t find our values or information beneficial.

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      "I relocated to Florida from the Northeast and I wouldn't think of leaving my Galves books behind. No matter what other guides are used down here, Galves is my safety check"

Steve Grossman, GM, Braman Motor Co., Florida

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