Selling a Used Car?
Use Galves to Help You Price It Right!

The most important step in selling your vehicle privately is to price it correctly. Price the car too high based on those "free" Internet retail numbers and you could be in for a long wait. At the same time, you don't want to 'give it away' and price it below its current value. How then do you establish a price that will appeal to a potential buyer yet gives you a greater return than selling it to a dealer or trading it in?

If you are going to assume a "dealer's role" and sell the vehicle yourself, you will want to do the same thing dealers do and start with the Galves trade-in value. Before establishing a final asking price, remember to factor in your various expenses and, of course, a reasonable amount for your own time and effort. Keep in mind that you may have to factor in any lost tax credits (see: How Trading Your Vehicle May Save You Hundreds!) you might have received had you traded the vehicle into a dealer.
You can look at it this way:

            $ XX,XXX (current Galves value)
          +   Your Expenses (advertising, cleaning, etc.)
          +   Lost Tax credit (if applicable)
          +   Cost of your time and effort
Equals: A Fair Asking Price for your vehicle!

If you are not interested in selling your vehicle privately but prefer to sell it directly to a dealer or to a "fast cash" business, you need be sure that you know what the current wholesale market is for your vehicle. You certainly don't want to go to a dealer uninformed and undersell your car. And you don't want to be disappointed due to some unrealistic expectation you might have gotten from an unreliable source. In many cases, the person you are negotiating with will be using our values and you will be at a great disadvantage if you aren't armed with the same reliable information. Even if he isn't using our values, you can trust that our numbers will accurately reflect the real market for that vehicle no matter what guide he is using.

Regardless of how you decide to sell your vehicle, starting with the Galves value will certainly be a big advantage. And the best part is you have nothing to lose… As always, we stand by our numbers and offer the Galves Money Back Guarantee!

galves.com is first and foremost a professional, dealer-to-dealer site offering current trade-in values you can use to price your vehicle effectively. You won't find all of the banner ads, advertising, and unimportant "filler" information that plagues some of the other automotive sites because that type of information is not important to dealers. What you will find is a great deal of accurate information from an industry insider's position. We invite you to browse our site and learn for yourself why Galves has been "The Professional's Choice Since 1957!"

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