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Trading Your Car?

You're getting ready to trade in a car and you should have the best information available. Smart consumers should understand that it is not in their best interest to base a trade in value on only one source. Checking with many available sources and understanding and questioning the validity of each is a much more practical approach.

The Internet has contributed to much of the confusion consumers experience when trading in a car. For years we have been listening to disgruntled feedback from both dealers and consumers regarding the inaccuracy of "free" Internet values. One of two things usually happens:

  • Consumers enter a dealership with an unrealistically high notion of what their trade-in is worth and this leads to a needlessly difficult negotiation.
                                                    - OR-
  • They enter a dealership believing their vehicle is actually worth LESS than it is, based on some of the "free" values they found online. When this happens, the consumer often receives less than they deserve for their vehicle. is first and foremost a professional, dealer-to-dealer site. You won't find all of the banner ad's, advertising, and unimportant "filler" information that plagues some of the other automotive sites- that information is just not important to dealers. What you will find is a great deal of accurate information from an industry insider's position. Among that information will be the most current and accurate pricing in the industry as well as a wealth of information that will either help you make money or save money on your next transaction. Like getting the "right money" for your trade-in. Isn't that what you really want?

For 50+ years Galves has served the professionals in the business and has never sought a broad consumer presence. You may not be familiar with Galves, but within the industry we enjoy the reputation of being the most current and accurate trade-in publication. Outside of the industry, however, we have been a well-kept secret. Thanks to the power of the Internet we are now available to a much broader audience. So you can access the same values the dealers have used for years and have come to trust with their money. We are so confident that our values will be of use to you in your next transaction that we offer the Galves Money Back Guarantee. You've got nothing to lose and lots to gain.

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