Why Galves Values Work for Consumers

If you have read the information about trading your car, you understand that a realistic trade-in value is really the best place for a smart consumer to begin evaluating what a vehicle is really worth. Our numbers work particularly well for consumers for the following reasons:

If you are trading or selling a car to a dealer, you need to know what the dealer should be offering for your vehicle. In many cases, the dealer will be using our guides and by having a clear understanding of the 'real' value of your car, you can be in a better position to negotiate for a successful deal and have the confidence that you are receiving the "right money" for your vehicle.

If you are buying a car, the best way to estimate the value of the car is to start with our trade-in value and work up from there.

'Free' Internet numbers can often be misleading and give you an inaccurate sense of a vehicle's value. For 50+ years, we have published only trade-in values(see: Why We Publish Only Trade-in Values) that thousands of dealers use day in and day out to buy, sell, and trade-in cars. Use the values that will help you be successful in your next transaction. We Guarantee it or your money back.
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