The Galves

Money Back Guarantee

Our Pledge to you...
If you order or single copies of Galves Auto Price List and for any reason find the pricing information not accurate or helpful in trading, buying or selling a car, Galves will refund your purchase price. No questions asked.

Why Galves Offers This Guarantee:
Simply put: Dealers know that our values are the most current and accurate in the industry, but maybe you don't. Galves has been in the business of providing used vehicle pricing to thousands of dealers for the past 50+ years. Being in the business, we know the strengths and weaknesses of our 'Free' competitors, and we know better than most that sometimes their values are questionable.

That's why thousands of car dealers pay for our values. They need the most current and accurate information available as they buy, sell, and trade countless vehicles every day. They don't go to Internet sites looking at 'Free' numbers. Dealers pay for our values because incorrect values cost them money.

Before spending your hard earned money on your next vehicle transaction, why not use the values that dealers really use … you've got nothing to lose and only money to save. We offer this Money Back Guarantee because we're confident that smart consumers, like smart dealers, will understand the value of using the best information in the Industry.

Terms & Conditions:
The Galves Money Back Guarantee is valid for 14 days from your order date. Simply contact us at or call us toll free at 1-877-654-2583 and we will issue a full refund. Purchasers of printed books will receive a full refund less postage costs.

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