Galves Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How often are your books updated?
    We publish an updated guidebook every week. The “American & Foreign Used Cars Edition” and the “Light Duty Trucks Edition” are published on an alternating, bi-weekly basis so every week one of these two books is updated. Our third book, the “Older Used Cars & Trucks Edition,” is updated monthly.

Q: How often is the online information updated?
    Weekly. The information at is updated every Friday evening at approximately 11:30 pm (eastern)

Q: Are the values in the printed books the same as the online information?
    Yes. The values in the printed editions are identical to the online information. 
    Note: The only discrepancy that may occur between our website and printed guides is on vehicles that have EXTREMELY high or low mileage (20,000 miles more or less than our declared “base mileage”). Because we can do a better job adjusting for mileage on the website, we feel our online values are usually more accurate on these vehicles.  

Q: Does Galves publish regional values?
    Yes. Our website requires the user enter their zip code so all values can be adjusted for the user’s specific region.

Q: I placed an online order for printed books.  How long will it take to receive my printed book order?
    Orders placed online at are processed the next business day. Yearly subscription orders for printed books are sent via First Class U.S. Mail from our office in NJ.
Orders for one-time, single copies of Galves books are shipped via USPS Priority Mail w/delivery confirmation.

Q: How can I pay for my order?
    Subscriptions for one week and one month’s access to require payment via credit/debit card or PayPal. (Visa/MC/Amex/Discover). Orders for single copies of our guides also require immediate payment via credit/debit card. Orders for yearly subscriptions to our printed books and can be “Invoiced.”

Q: Will my weekly or monthly subscription to renew automatically? 
    No. If you need to access our values after your online subscription has expired, simply place a new order.

Q: I placed an online order at and didn’t get an account number.  Why?
    Your Galves account number was displayed on the confirmation screen at the end of your order.  If you did not notice it there, a confirmation email containing all of your login information was also sent to the email address you provided on the billing information page. Please refer to that email or call our toll-free customer support line at 1.877.654.2583 if further assistance should be required.

Q: Can I place my order over the phone?
    Yes.  You can place an order for any of our products over the phone during regular business hours.(M-F, 9:00 – 4:30 pm, EST)

Q: Do you sell or share my personal information with any other companies?
    No. We never sell or share any of your personal information. Your name, address, and email information is strictly for Galves use only. 

Q: When I go to login I see a message that says “Invalid username, password or account number” What does that mean?
    The username or password may have been mistyped.  Please refer to your confirmation email for the correct login information. Also, please note that usernames and passwords CANNOT contain MORE THAN 10 characters.  

Q: Why does the login page show “Account currently in use” when I go to login?
    Please check to make sure that you are not logged into at any other computer.  Our website is a “single user” system that allows only one person at a time to be logged in with any given UserID,password and Acct #.  If you share your login information with others, then their use of the site may be preventing you from accessing the site. If you require additional UserID/password’s, please call our office at 1-877-654-2583.

Q: Are there any other reasons I may not be able to access the site?
    If the “LOGOUT” button is not used and you simply close your browser, it may take up to two minutes for the username/password to reset.

Q: I have a printed book/online subscription and have a question about a specific vehicle.  Can I call your office for help?
    Absolutely!  Phone support is an added benefit for any of our active subscribers.

Q: Can I renew my printed book/online subscription online at
    Sorry but payments accepted online are for NEW orders only.  Please call our office at 1.877.654.2583 to renew your subscription over the phone with a credit card. You may also mail a check or money order in the remittance envelope provided with your annual renewal invoice.

Q: Can I add additional users to my existing subscription?
    Yes.  If you need to have multiple individuals logged into at the same time, we recommend adding user licenses which can be purchased at a discounted rate. Please call our office at 1.877.654.2583 to add additional users to your existing subscription.
Q: I need to know a value from a prior Galves edition.  Can I find that information online?  Can I order the original printed edition?
    Yes.  Monthly and annual online subscribers have automatic access to Galves back issue data at no additional charge. The Vehicle Pricing section of our website contains a “Historical Values” tab which allows users to see the price history on a specific vehicle. Back issues of our printed guides in pdf format are also available by accessing the “Back Issues” pane.

We also maintain an extensive library of printed back issues which are available for sale. Please call us at 1.877.654.2583 for pricing information.

Q: Do you publish different information for dealers and non-dealers?
    No. The information in our printed books, the information available online at and the information in our handheld applications is all the same and is NOT altered for dealer or non-dealer use.

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