A Brief History of Galves

Galves Market Data was first published by M.C. Galves Inc., perhaps the oldest automotive wholesale company in the United States. From the time M.C. Galves began doing business in the 1920’s, Galves quickly became the focal point of the nation's largest concentration of wholesale automobile dealers, historic Jerome Ave in Bronx, NY. Galves bought & sold hundreds of used vehicles every month, and in the late 1950's they recognized the need for a truly accurate and reliable price guide to help dealers function effectively in the rapidly expanding marketplace. They responded with the first edition of the Galves printed book which was published in 1957 and quickly became the dealers’ guidebook of choice. After decades of success on Jerome Ave, in 1991 Galves led the exodus of wholesale dealers from Jerome Avenue and helped establish a new dealer complex in Teterboro, NJ. Most of the Jerome Avenue dealers quickly followed Galves to their new home in New Jersey. Today, Galves continues to provide the most accurate and current information in the industry. Long considered as ‘the guidebook used in the northeast’, in 2009 Galves expanded its database to include regionalized values and now provides trade-in assurance to subscribers nationwide. In 2017 Galves Market Data was acquired by Robert Hollenshead Auto Sales.Galves continues to be the choice by “skin in the game” dealers as the most accurate and current data in the industry. Long considered as ‘the only “professionally” recognized guidebook, it now enables VIN specific guaranteed prices to the industry via Accu-Trade. Use Galves when an “opinion” just isn’t enough.