The Galves Difference

The Galves Difference

  • Data driven by thousands of analyzed transactions by our team of remarketing specialists throughout the US
  • Data updated daily to reflect current market conditions and fluctuations
  • Data includes unique information for each vehicle, going well beyond the basics of color, mileage, & condition ratings
  • Data accounts for transaction results that are truly comparable, accounting for meaningful equipment and other relevant factors while dismissing outliers that skew the data set.
  • Data reviewed and assessed by remarketing specialists who buy & sell thousands of cars each week, not by formulas or standard depreciation rates
  • Data for challenging luxury & exotic makes that can be trusted for its accuracy and relevancy. No other source knows these cars better

Our Pricing Perspective

Galves publishes two wholesale values for each vehicle. The wholesale values Galves publishes are:

Galves Trade-in Value

Represents the “actual cash value” of a consumer owned trade-in. This value should be used among dealers when handling “as traded” vehicles. Represents a vehicle in good cosmetic and mechanical condition. May need some minor reconditioning in the area of brakes, wheels, interior and exterior cosmetics. Any previous paintwork must be of good quality and not extensive or involving structural damage. Will need minor reconditioning and detailing to be sold at retail. Free of vehicle history issues. Most consumer-owned vehicles fit into this category.

Galves Market Ready Value

Value for an exceptional/reconditioned ‘market ready’ vehicle. More representative of an auction transaction. Value for a vehicle that needs no reconditioning mechanically or cosmetically. Excellent wheels and tires. All systems have been inspected and are operating optimally. No evidence of significant paintwork or vehicle history issues. Excellent service records and service history. A vehicle that would qualify for certification. Only the most exceptional consumer-owned vehicles fall into this category.